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SE Production Notes 3

Player One: A10 ThunderBolt II

Posted by Jonathan
With every week that goes by we draw closer and closer to showcasing our Alpha of our first major project Screaming Eagles. As such we felt the need to showcase the project as we work on it with you, our faithful readers, so that you may see what you can expect in the Alpha itself, the full game, what type of features will be included, some of the art work that has developed over time and possibly generate that much needed talk that will help us make this game the best it could possibly be. This series will be a bi-weekly update of everything that we’re developing as we lead up to the Alpha launch and beyond.

This week we delve into the first character plane featured in our game, the A10. An iconic jet that has seen many conflicts and only recently was retired from active duty, the A10 is one of the most unique fighter-bombers ever created. The only jet in memory designed around it’s main cannon, the 30mm Gau. On a personal note, I always wanted to fly one, when training on the ground with troops, you always knew when one was flying over because of the distinct sound the engines would make. If you were in a firefight and heard that sound, the other most distinct sound from the cannon assured you that the enemies were gonna catch hell. There’s nothing like both of those notes that make incredible music together.

In the story of our game, the A10 is being piloted by an Argentinian. People may cry blasphemy as it’s well known that the A10 has never been sold to any nation, that it has remained a part of the US arsenal until it’s retirement. But in our game world, which may be very similar to our reality, wars are won by the private military company, and sometimes old stock of weapons and vehicles are sold by those companies to finance future endeavors. It just so happens that Argentina has been capable of remaining outside the grip of those companies and pledges to fight alongside other nations hell bent on staying free.

Our pilots name is Rico Sanchez AKA Boomer, and you’ll be able to read more about him and the other pilots in a future post. For now, he likes to cause as much destructive damage as he can right in front of him, and that excitement translates into how the A10 fights. Every character plane offers advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on how you enjoy playing and the A10 has many of each.



First it’s attack power is centralized at the nose of the plane, the 30mm Gau Cannon is the primary force and in it’s first two stages, shows a basic frontal attack pattern. On the collection of the third power-up for guns, the cannon becomes a stream of destruction that vaporizes anything within it’s path. Keeping with the theme of a frontal force of attack the missiles are also centralized. Spawning from beneath the wings they are initially only two missiles at a time spawning at differing time variables from the first two missile pickups. On the third pickup though, the spawn ratio increases to four missiles and the damage increases exponentially.


A-10 Shot_Missle 1

Something we wanted to have in this game that is incredibly different from other shoot’em ups was the ability to use both guns and missiles at the same time without worry. So picking up a gun power-up or a missile power-up will not cancel whatever attack you are currently using, they stack on top of each other to make you a supreme killing machine.


A10 Missile A10_Shot1

Passive abilities are something new that we added that bring a uniqueness to each plane being used. The idea was to always have them with you and if they degrade, refreshed at the beginning of every life. The A10 passive ability is called Hardened Armor and it provides an additional 100 health to the plane allowing it to take more damage than any other plane. The visual for the armor is a silver shield that wraps around the player health bar, when the shield disappears the armor has been depleted.


When things get to be a bit too hectic and you need a relief from the enemies, always remember that you have bombs to drop. For each player the bomb is visually stunning and tailored to the style of the pilot and plane strengths. Each plane can hold a maximum of three bombs each. For the A10 you’ll be able to unleash the Napalm Strike. Inspired by the ¬†imagery from the Vietnam war, the Napalm Strike will decimate everything the player can see, both ground and air targets, with a wave of flame. (*Reference image from Raiden Fighters)


A-10 Bomb3-min

This is just the first of four playable characters that you’ll be able to play as in Screaming Eagles with the possibility of finding a fifth.¬†As a recent update to what’s happening with the Alpha at this time, we’ve got an early version completed and have begun necessary testing. The early version doesn’t represent the complete visual design that we envisioned for the game so until we’ve made that we’ve chosen not to show it off. In two weeks we’ll showcase the first boss you’ll come across the Super Bomber. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


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