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Screaming Eagles Production Notes 2

Level 1: Enemies

Posted by Jonathan

With every week that goes by we draw closer and closer to showcasing our Alpha of our first major project Screaming Eagles. As such we felt the need to showcase the project as we work on it with you, our faithful readers, so that you may see what you can expect in the Alpha itself, the full game, what type of features will be included, some of the art work that has developed over time and possibly generate that much needed talk that will help us make this game the best it could possibly be. This series will be a bi-weekly update of everything that we’re developing as we lead up to the Alpha launch and beyond.

This week we take a closer look at the enemies that you’ll encounter in the coveted Level 1. So firstly you’ll notice that all the minor enemies and character planes are modeled off of real world planes and jets and bombers and vehicles from our reality. The only thing that you’ll come across that isn’t, is the level ending bosses, we took more liberties with those as they’re all pretty larger than life and boast an eclectic arsenal. That’s for another day though.

The idea for the types of enemies that you’d face against in the first level were old technology, or capable technology that poses a threat today but can be handled with more ease using current technology. The following enemies below were from a selection of iconic jets and helicopters used during the Korean and Vietnam wars.


Except for the T90, which is a current tank used primarily by the Russian government. Though some of these planes are still in use today by various countries and the US, some have seen retirement. The AH56 only saw combat during the Vietnam War and was quickly dwarfed by the AH64.

So this conceptual drawing showcases what the projectiles that each enemy may showcase, or rather has the capability to do, but it won’t necessarily be what you’ll face against. Rate of fire, amount of projectiles, and damage model for each will be tested thoroughly for proper balance based on the difficulty of a game and the selection of settings. ┬áThere is a formula as to when you’ll see the enemies, a basic progression of difficulty as the level progresses through. That will probably be covered in another post for a later date.

So going further in depth with each enemy you’ll notice some additional things that we’ve taken into account, as before all models are created in 3D and are implemented as 2D sprites. How you’ll experience the enemies varies on how fast we’ve programmed them to fly at you. For the A37 and A6, you’ll face groups or squadrons of these enemies flying at a generally slow pace, these are meant to fill the airspace with projectiles and successful destruction of the entire group will net you a power-up.



A6_bullet A37_bullet

For jets like the A4 and F5, they’ll fly at you a lot quicker and from different angles to throw you off. You’ll also notice that each enemy has a degraded look to themselves as well, there’s a chance you won’t even notice as you’ll be destroying enemies quite quickly, but we believe that an added look to their destruction may give it a bit more flair.


A4_bullet F5_v01

For the F4, they’ll come at you in a smaller squadron but at the speed of the F5. The F106 is the real super sonic plane, though in harder difficulties it will fire a missile projectile at you, it’s primary attack is kamikaze. It’s meant to come at you really fast and is hard to avoid.


F4_bullet F106_v01

The Ah56 is the first heavy enemy you’ll face in the game, it boasts the first complicated flight pattern, alternate firing mode and a much higher health base making it the first major challenge in the level. The T90, is everywhere in the last third of the level and will annoy you. Their attack and movement speed is slow but the power and their health is high, at times it may even appear from behind so stay vigilant.


AH_56_Helicopter_weapons T90_Soviet_Tank_v01

This concludes our in depth look into the first series of enemies that you’ll face off against in Screaming Eagles. We’ll be posting another production note next week in anticipation for our launch of our Alpha and accompanying Kickstarter. Next week will be on the first playable character in the game, the A10. Till next time faithful readers.

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