SE Update 10/15/2014

SE Production Notes 5

Passive Abilities

Posted by Jonathan

Passive abilities are well….passive, they’re always active with a player, the purpose is to further the difference between the characters themselves while providing an additional ability. Each character’s passive ability falls in line with the theme of that character or at least what we see the theme to be.

For the F22, the ability of Swift Flight will allow the player to move quicker on the screen, giving you a better chance to avoid incoming fire. For the A10, the ability of Hardened Armor will give the player an additional 100 health to take more damage. For the Eurofighter, the ability of Electronic Counter Measures will give you a leg up to see what the health status of Heavy enemies and Bosses are while facing them. For the SU47, the ability of Armor Piercing Rounds will give the player an additional +5 attack power, to lay enemies out. For the J20, our secret plane, the ability of Satellite Targeting will give the player an additional 2 bombs to hold onto while playing instead of the max standard of 3.

How do these abilities play out in multiplayer? They’re shared amongst the players. So if four people are using the F22, the A10, the J20 and the SU47 then all players will be moving faster, take more damage, do more damage and carry more bombs. Hence the term cooperative play. This may seem like the players will have too ┬ámuch of an advantage against the game but we’re doing everything we can to ramp up the difficulty to have a proper challenge.

Next Production Notes will be something, something other than what we’ve mentioned so far, what that will be we don’t know yet, you’ll be just as surprised as us, so till next time.

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