SE Report 9/19/2016

Production Notes 11

Summer is over and we’ve got work to do. Though technically we’ve been hard at work throughout the summer working on the game. We’ve fallen a little behind on asset development, but we roll with the punches as Indie developers do. We do what we can to stay on course and perceiver. We’ve got a lot of announcements to make so let’s get to it.


Following the deliveries of our Level 5 assets, we began to start work immediately on Level 6 and conceptualize Level 7. Level 6 takes place in North Africa, in the Sahara Desert. The allied forces of NATO are planning a major ground offensive on occupying Red Eye insurgents at various oil refineries around the region. The Screaming Eagles squadron are tasked with providing close air support for the ground assault. We have a general idea for how level 6 will look, we just don’t currently have a completed map ready to show. We do have the environmental effects that will be on display in level 6.


The enemies you’ll be facing in Level 6 will have some comebacks from previous levels, mostly bombers and ground vehicles. Added a few new ones as well.


The design for the boss was simple enough, a gigantic tank advancing towards the allied forces. The main design difference between this boss and the other end level bosses is that this one doesn’t have staged phases. It’s a rolling juggernaut with near limitless health and offensive capabilities. Firing all of its secondary turrets at various intervals. Its main cannon changes the very earth beneath your feet by firing a seismic laser into the ground and causing gigantic spires.



A note on the multiplayer feature. Cooperative multiplayer was always a main pillar for the development of the game. As we furthered the development of our project and realized that the cost was beginning to be more than we could bare, we knew that we would have to limit our scope. We decided to drop multiplayer from the initial release of the game. We’re not giving up on that feature, the game is still being developed with multiplayer in it, but we need to justify the cost of including it. SO, here’s the deal, if Screaming Eagles sells well enough in its release, we’ll include the multiplayer feature free of cost to you. The money we make from selling the release copy of the game will help to pay for those multiplayer costs, but we won’t ask you to pay additional costs for something that was always meant to be in the game. We hope you’ll understand where we’re coming from in this regard. We wanted to be open with our community as to our problems with the development of the game.


As a measure to how far we’ve come this summer, we’re releasing a playable version of our Alpha to the public. This is an important week for us, as not only are we releasing the Alpha, but also re-launching our Steam Greenlight submission and Kickstarter campaign, which will help us better market the game first hand at trade shows. We hope you’ll help us get the game out to the public as we need your help more than ever. Look for those links to be coming soon on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Screaming Eagles is now slated for a release in 2017.


That’s about everything maniacs, till next time.

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