SE Report 5/12/2015

SE Production Notes 6

Posted by Jonathan

Our Indiegogo campaign to help fund our company state taxes and help pay for the Pro addition of Unity gave us a lot of initial insight on our direction with the game. The feedback we received was both helpful in a constructive way and somewhat helpful from the critically destructive way.  We’ll take the good with the bad and from those we’ve improved the game by focusing on other aspects that we really didn’t consider at first.

One of our first responses came through our Steam Greenlight page, a simple request involving our shadows off characters and enemies. They were too prominent, almost distracting, so that was the first thing we changed; we dulled the shadows down so now they are just the aesthetic visual we were looking for.

Personality is what makes a game unique from other games that boast similar attributes and genres. We never really focused on our games unique personality because we wanted it to make sure our design was functional first. But we realize that as we make the game work properly we also need to show that spark that makes our game different from everyone else. That even though this project relies heavily on its gameplay and not so much on a captivating story, that partial story is captivating enough to make us unique. So we’ve been spending some time making our characters or rather our pilots have a look that fits their unique personalities and is mirrored in the playstyles and abilities displayed through their jets. Below you’ll see three of the five character pilots that will be selectable in the full game.

lin_v01davis_v02 rico_v04

There was some confusion over the footage we showed in the video, most people thought it was a gameplay trailer but we always considered it to be a proof of concept video, showcasing simple functionality, and a lot of original art work created. We can’t wait to showcase a proper gameplay trailer, we just want to make sure it’s perfect before we show it; we’re trying to be perfectionists. In keeping in line with trying to build a better personality, we’re trying a different format for showcasing our game through trailers. Below is the first image of that trailer.


Now for something really important that needs to be addressed, it involves the problem with Steam Greenlight. There has been a systematic problem that involves games being introduced by “developers” that haven’t done anything but purchase assets from people to create cookie cutter crap games and effectively make every good developer, the ones that are making an honest attempt at creating innovative projects with original content, be put in the same boat with them. It’s unfair, that gamers are being subjected to bad games and that people that are trying to make a name for them as good developers are having a hard time. We want to address that we have indeed purchased things to help us make our game possible including and only limited to:

  • NGUI
  • Core Game + Pooling
  • Playmaker
  • Uni Bullet Hell

All of these assets are only for functionality, completely ‘under the hood’ assets that still require our scripting to fit our needs. ALL visual assets were created by the talented contribution of our artists and designers without any additional visual contributions acquired through monetary sources. We stand by the project we’re making as a unique original concept, thought up by our designers and writers, put together by our programmers and script writers, and brought to life by our artists and animators. We’ve spent a lot of time making this game at great expense to ourselves both personally and financially and just want people to enjoy the project for what it is, ours.

We can’t wait to get more feedback in the coming months leading to our Alpha build launch and character trailers. Everyone will have access to it as we want to make our game the best we can and your feedback will help with that. More information will be coming in the coming weeks, stand by for future production notes.


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