SE Report 11/30/2015

Production Notes 8

Posted by Jonathan

Welcome to another production notes with a bevy of information on our progress of Screaming Eagles. We’ve just completed our V1.02 build which resolves a lot of the performance issues we were dealing with and implements the power-up system so that there is some semblance of balance in the game. Every week we make further strides towards that fully realized game we’ve struggled with developing these past few years. Now these production notes will focus on everything inside level 3, the setting, the level design, the enemies you’ll face and of course the big baddie. So let’s get into it.

Level 3 is situated high in the clouds at 35,000 ft. over the Pacific Ocean, environment wise, it’s a cloud map. The mission particulars include a large reconnaissance fleet operated by Red Eye that serves as the long range quick reactionary force for the corporation. The map design, just from my own personal opinion, is gorgeous. It is a cloud based map, during a storm, in the dead of night, over an ocean and though the base map is a static image in the background, our goal for the level is to incorporate some clouds that you actually pass through. It may be a two dimensional world but we want you to have some semblance of flying through it not just over it.

Lv3 piece3-min Lv3 piece2-min Lv3 piece1-min

Hostile threats in this level are high altitude jets and bombers. The SR-71 makes its appearance in this level and many of us couldn’t be happier to have it. A personal favorite of ours and many of our friends in the Air-force, we’re proud to feature it, even if you have to destroy it, many times over.

Lv3AllEnemy (1)

The end level threat that you’ll face in level 3 has a real world reference, The Jack Northrops Flying Wing. Repurposed and redesigned for our needs with plenty of firepower and defensive measures. That’s right defensive measures, in an effort to design boss encounters to not just be a large hub filled with lots of offensive threats and weak spots, we’re trying ways to mix things up. Things will get even crazier as levels progress:

bossTurretInfo Boss3_turrets_v03

This is what level 3 is all about and we’re happy to showcase it to you. It may take some time before seeing the next production notes which goes over everything level 4, but that’s only because we’re currently working on it, and nothing is finalized yet. This would be the prime time to wish happy holidays to everyone, and to a fresh new year. Stand by for more of what’s to come, till then maniacs.

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