Q1 2015 Report

Q1 2015 Report

Posted by Jonathan

I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted anything even remotely related to progress from both the company and our production of our project Screaming Eagles. That’s not to say we haven’t been extremely busy these past months working on things related to both. So if you’re more interested in how the game is coming along I invite you to skip this report and read the SE production notes 7 which will focus on feedback changes.

Now as to what we’ve been up to, well first and foremost we launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help us finance the state tax payments and licensing of professional software. To help with the marketing of the campaign we created a proof of concept video for the game which lay out our desires for the full game and a lot of concept art created by our artists. We spread the word through our Stream Greenlight page and Facebook as well as sought out specific groups who love Shmups and Arcade games on Reddit and various forums. We got a lot of feedback from those various sources, a lot of positive feedback and a lot of negative criticism from what I like to call the overly entitled gamer. As with everything we do, we learn from our mistakes, and even though it may not have been prudent for us to launch a fundraising campaign just before tax season without solid gameplay to show we were somewhat forced to ask for the funds to cover said taxes. The next time we launch a fundraising campaign we will be better prepared to show more promising footage.

We didn’t meet our financial goal but regardless, I still want to personally thank every single person that helped to fund us, that chose to believe in the work we are trying to accomplish. That we’re not creating some cookie cutter game with assets purchased directly from a store. We were able to purchase some accompanying merchandise to not only better promote the game for future plans and events, but to also adhere to our promises to those people. So below you can see for yourself (those that donated enough) the T-shirt you’ll be getting in the mail next month.

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We skipped GDC this year as our focus was and still is the development of Screaming Eagles, and the finance just wasn’t there for us. That’s not to say that we’re not going to any events to better promote the game and the content. Our plans are to go to either or perhaps both PAX Prime and the IGF for next year’s GDC. It all boils down to how much work we get done from now till August and our financial situation.

Now it may be hard to believe but while we’ve been working on the production of Screaming Eagles, we’ve also been writing the story for our next project. We’re calling it Domestic Threats, and though I’ve released just a little bit of information about it I wanted to share some finer points to this first game that relies heavily on story rather than exciting gameplay. I’ve always been a big fan of strategy games, my first was Red Alert and have enjoyed both real-time and turn-based strategy games growing up. When it comes to game design, we always try to exceed the limitations of the games we’re inspired by. For Domestic Threats, the inspiration comes from Xcom: Enemy Unknown made by Fireaxis, so we’re designing this game with familiar attributes, turn-based movement and fire, squad based combat, special abilities and tactics and an escalating difficulty. Even as we try to add to an already impressive game design we haven’t really decided as to what the game could even look like, it was hypothesized that we may even go as far as making this a classic 8-bit game, but that decision will be made in time by the artists and designers as a whole. The basis of this story is a group of freedom fighters that come together to fight against a shadow government that has increasingly imposed restrictions on the liberties of the people they are sworn to protect. The story has a lot of inspiration from various forms of media, events based in our reality, conspiracy theories and rumors. There are those of us worried that once the full story is completed, we’ll all be “taken care of” and never heard from again. Call us paranoid but when we’re mentioning people actively involved in our government either in the past or in the present, it may scare you too. Our goal during this process is to have the completed draft of the story including all varying choices completed by the time we go to beta for Screaming Eagles. When we launch SE for market, DT should be ready to start receiving concept art. I believe that the production of games should overlap to ensure a steady workflow for people.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to be completed this year and as always we will stay vigilant in the process. Thanks for reading our update for this quarter; we hope you’ll read our exciting SE Production Notes. Till next time Maniacs.

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