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Production Notes 10

Posted by Jonathan

Well this production notes was a long time coming, we’ve been hard at work trying to finalize certain things with the marketing vantage of the game while implementing all the work from level 2 into the development. During this 3 month development cycle we focused our efforts on the art and design of level 5. So without further ado this is everything level 5.

So Level 5 for lack of a better distinction is our water level. The team is notified of a carrier fleet in the Indian Ocean tasked with providing naval cover for an assault in the Saharan Desert. Their mission is to completely destroy the fleet. The goal when designing the map was to provide open ocean but leave in just enough land-marked terrain to provide some semblance of uniqueness.  The map design was created in correlation to how we wanted to present this stages final boss, which I’ll get to further down the page.

lvl5_part1-min lvl5_part2.1-min lvl5_part2.2-min lvl5_part3-min lvl5_part4-min

Environmental effects for this level are available but they weren’t a major concern for us, we primarily wanted to showcase the splash effects of debris hitting the water. What it looks like when a ship passes through the water and effect that comes with it.

Lvl5_Assets02 Lvl5_assets_damage

The enemies you’ll be facing in level 5 are mostly new, we have a few call backs from previous levels but the bulk of the new enemies are unique. This is the first and only time you’ll face against ship enemies that act like mini-bosses, they’re just a little more powerful than previous mini-bosses that you’ve faced in previous levels.


So our design for the map coincided with the design of the boss. The idea for this boss, being it an aircraft carrier, was that the team, or our heroes would be chasing the boss through the entirety of the level. So the map is primarily open ocean down the middle of the map and the rocks and small islands make up the outer border. During the course of the level, the players will be able to see the tail end of the boss and the waves of enemies that you face are actually coming from the boss itself. So by the time you actually face off against the boss, you’ve caught up to him.


The combat designs for the boss are more simplistic than the last level’s boss. We have stages that it goes through and changes it’s firing rules but the main focus for the player is to just destroy everything that is in front of them.

Boss5turretinfoA Boss5turretinfoB

So that’s everything that we’ve been tirelessly working on during this production cycle, we now focus our efforts on the production of level 6 assets. Stay tuned for more updates on the game and our fundraising campaign that we’ll be launching soon over the summer. Till next time maniacs.

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