News Update 2/16/2016

Posted by Jonathan

Greetings faithful reader, this doesn’t suffice to provide enough information to be a full Screaming Eagles Production Notes as we’re still hard at work developing content for our Level 5, but never the less we wanted to ensure readers and followers of the company of everything that has happened or is currently under works over the past few months leading into March.

Screaming Eagles continues to develop normally; we’ve made incredible strides on our multiplayer aspect with clone versions of the game and have begun implementing to the standard structure for a dedicated server based system. During the course of developing our level 5 content we came across assets that were intended for an earlier level that was forgotten about and never assigned. We made that a priority and the model is nearing completion. The enemy will be present in Level 3:


We’ve also made more strides to properly optimizing the project as we’ve noticed that every build we make, both for release to the public and for our own personal testing and developing needs comes under constant performance issues. There’s a real chance that we’ll be partnering ourselves with an additional company just to fix these issues. We’ll make an official announcement if anything happens on that front.

We want to officially welcome a new programmer to our development group, Joshua Stroyer has been assigned to help develop our multiplayer section and you can read more about his accomplishments in the members’ page which will be updated soon. Additionally we invite you to take a look at all our members that have been working with each other for many years, on nothing but their own drive and passion for games and if you happen to need any of them for work, there’s not a harder working group of talent I personally am more proud of.

Now something we think you’ll really enjoy. While most of our production staff has been diligently working on Screaming Eagles for release, our Narrative Designer Matthew Nunez and I have been quietly writing and designing our next project for development. We debated whether or not we reveal anything about this project until we released Screaming Eagles to the general public, but I felt that this being an important year politically as well as an election year for the US, we could reveal small tidbits on our efforts. This will be the first story driven game we’re attempting to create and the nature of the story encapsulates social and political issues that the US suffers from. Brainstorming for the project started in 2014, and even though we’re past the half way point writing the story, we’ve seen our reality conform to the story we’ve been writing…and that scares us just a little bit as we wrote this to be a worst case scenario. So not only do we feel people would enjoy the challenge of the game restricted by the mechanics, design and functions, but that people will find the story so plausible that it has become important to play and experience. That a broad perspective from various few points on some problems that our society faces may in fact inspire people to fight for change. We don’t want to reveal too much about the story or details about the subject matter or reveal any of the game mechanics or design structure. We thought you may enjoy some of the concept art that was created for the project so far:

amg-4-min amg-1 amg-2-min amg-3 amc-min assemble 208 assemble 209 assemble 205

That’s all we have for the past couple of months, we look forward to March and the continued development on everything we’ve been working hard for. Thanks for reading faithful maniac.


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