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SE Update 8/4/2014

Screaming Eagles Progress Update

Level 1: The West Coast

Posted by Jonathan

With every week that goes by we draw closer and closer to showcasing our Alpha of our first major project Screaming Eagles. As such we felt the need to showcase the project as we work on it with you, our faithful readers, so that you may see what you can expect in the Alpha itself, the full game, what type of features will be included, some of the art work that has developed over time and possibly generate that much needed talk that will help us make this game the best it could possibly be. This series will be a bi-weekly update of everything that we’re developing as we lead up to the Alpha launch and beyond.

This week we look at the level design for our first Level, affectionately called The West Coast. The West Coast has very similar landscapes akin to Northern California, Seattle and Vancouver areas. We wanted to create a unique landscape that showcased the familiarities with these regions showcasing lush green farmlands, beach coasts, small mountains, and large cities.

Over the development of the Level, many different iterations by many different designers were attempted using different methods and styles including  at first 3D design work.

Ist Draft   Level_1_FinalLevel_1_Concept_4copy









We eventually decided on a classic look for the levels using 2D isometric views to showcase the visuals we needed for the scale of gameplay we designed the game for. These images were created by Geo Garcia, it showcases a first draft and a color fix variant. (Update: Another version was created last week showcasing where small and large building areas would be shown)

Lv1 draft5 (Compressed)









The levels may look small from this point of view, but keep in mind they are compressed to fit this screen and are actually measured 4800X18048 pixels in size with a player only being able to see 94X110 pixels at any given time. This follows in line with our original vision for this game, a top-down shooter that allows you to explore a vast area. This concludes our first in depth look at the production of Screaming Eagles, check us out in two weeks as we go over designs for enemies.


Lv1 draft5

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