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Q 3/4 Report

AMG Update

posted by Jonathan 9/24/2015

Sure I haven’t posted anything in 4 months, but I’m not going to apologize for that, I’ve been busy. Too busy to not write something…no, but I think it has something to do with this innate demand of social media and more in lines of twitter that we’re “expected” to update everything that we do. If we write a line of code that pushes us in the right direction we need to tell everyone from a mountain top that we’ve updated our build to incorporate that line of code. Do I think we should keep people informed of our progress…yes, but I’d rather inform when there is a substantial amount of information to share. I don’t want people to forget that we are working hard to get this project complete, but I also don’t want to annoy people of our progress. So here’s a happy middle idea: this post will focus on where we are on the game specifically and where we are headed in the near future. What will follow in our production notes will be the entirety of a completed level that was developed recently, not just the bits and pieces of a mechanic or feature, but everything that you would experience in that level. As we get more of something done, something specific or a completed level, we’ll update as such, the entirety of it.

So last time I wrote about our progress for Screaming Eagles I touched on the lessons we learned from our Indiegogo campaign and the need to effectively express more personality in our characters/pilots. The development of a character trailer specifically focused on one pilot at a time seemed like the best way to accomplish this, as well as providing some little insight as to the antagonists of our game. Granted this project relies heavily on gameplay more than story, but some story is beneficial. That character trailer is near completion, we’ve filmed it with captured gameplay from our Alpha build, the voice work and music fits the tone respectively, and it’s edited well enough for release. We haven’t shown it yet because we have a diabolical plan to begin the vast majority of our marketing for this game and spreading the good word of our efforts. We want to showcase player gameplay. The gameplay in our character trailer was edited visually to remove in-game user interface or UI. We have that UI being perfected and capturing the subsequent gameplay with it working is important to us. When you watch the character trailer you’ll be able to click a link that takes you to the in-game trailer. Both are important to have available at the same time. But that’s not all that will be released soon. Our Alpha build of Screaming Eagles V1.0 will be available to download by people from the media, our friends and family and just as important the people that donated to our fundraising campaign. We want you to experience our project that we’ve been working on tirelessly for over two years. We want to hear your feedback on it, so that we can make it better as we continue to make progress on it in the coming months towards the development of our beta and the launch of our multiplayer. There is a grand scheme to our machinations, we’re not trying to be tight lipped about it, we just are.

With the development and release of our Alpha and the trailers we intend to submit Screaming Eagles for the Independent Games Festival; a competition between indie game developers to showcase their various projects at the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco. We love the competition and this will be the second time we submit a project to the judges. Regardless if Screaming Eagles makes it to floor for finalists, we’re bringing the project to showcase at the Game Developers Conference, at our own booth if we have to, we’re hoping to launch another fundraising campaign to help pay for that, more information will follow as we get closer to that date.

I would report on our progress for Domestic Threats except we’ve been busy writing it and have nothing further to report, nothing fancy here, just brutal honesty. Look forward to the release of our trailers and Alpha build of Screaming Eagles in the next few weeks, we’ll follow it up with SE Production Notes 8-9 that will cover levels 2-3 for your reading enjoyment.

Till next time Maniacs, keep your eyes open.

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