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SE Report 10/29/2015

SE Production Notes 7

Posted by Jonathan

Welcome to a special production notes as we officially announce the launching of our Alpha V1.0 build, it’s in closed play sessions right now for friends and family and the supporters of our fundraising campaign. Is it everything we wanted to include in our first semi-publically playable build…no. We were constrained by time for the independent games festival being held at GDC next March. We made the cut-off date and are happy to participate. We’re even happier to find out the initial faults in our build, address them and begin preparing a substantial patch that will not only address the problems but also include the many features that we wanted to have. But we do have our first character trailer which will be a series that introduces the player characters you’ll be able to choose from.

Now back to the matter at hand, this production notes is focused completely on level 2.  As stated prior this won’t be in pieces or trickle down information, we’re going over everything. Beginning with the setting and level design. Level 2 is situated in the Arctic Circle, environment wise it is the ice map. The mission particulars include Red Eye servicing a secret radar station and sub pen and protecting the area with its soviet stock pile of military hardware.  The map design is much simpler than level 1, there’s isn’t an outstanding population that lives in the Arctic Circle which makes it much easier to develop the map, but that’s not to say we didn’t want to make the environment exciting in any way. The initial portion of the map, the part that has players flying over mountains, will consist visually of a blizzard, so low visibility will play a factor at least initially. Take a look below for yourself: (This picture had to be cropped to fit as the size was larger than we could upload, it’s in pieces and not meshed well)

Level2aLayoutEnd Half-min Level2aLayoutMid-half-min Level2aLayout1st half-min

Environmental destruction will still play a factor in the level, oh sure less people dying in buildings more global warming but visually still stunning. The only structure in the level is actually the trigger to release the boss, since it plays as an objective, and no you don’t have to waste a bomb to destroy it.

map2_player_damage_02 map2_damage map2_radardome


Now what kind of hostile threats will you face in level 2, well level 1 had enemies that ranged within the era of the Korean war, we consider that to be outdated stock but still credible threats. In the level description Red Eye, the big baddy you face, unleash their soviet stockpiles, and that rings true. As most of the threats you’ll face against in level 2 are Russian made aircraft, not every Russian made jet we have in the game but enough to be a credible threat.


The end level threat you’ll face in level 2 has no real world reference, level 1 boss is referenced from a transport jet; the An-225 which is the jet that transports the space shuttle. But we went pretty sci-fi for the design of the level 2 boss.  It’s a submarine, as stated before with the threat of a sub-pen in the area. When we were designing it, we wanted something that was huge of course, so the idea was a mix between an Ohio class American sub and well The Red October from the movie of the same name. When getting into the specifics of what the boss should look like, I advised our boss designer to go ahead and be as creative as you want to be, he sure did that, and the end result is this:

Boss2 Turret info Boss_2_v02

I especially like the big phase 3 cannon, makes the entire boss look like a giant squid. So that’s everything, everything you can expect to see in level 2. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and giving away lots of juicy details all in one post. I’ll continue this style of production notes next month with a showcase of what you can expect in level 3, till then Maniacs.



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