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SE Report 1/10/2016

Production Notes 9

Posted by Jonathan

Happy New Year faithful reader, this one plans on being the most exciting one yet as we continue to put the finishing touches on Screaming Eagles. The few of us that worked through the holidays have upgraded our build to V1.05 which fixes many bugs and glaring issues with the game. It’s now at a point where we can move on to other levels for implementation, and this time, it won’t take a large chunk of time to get done. Level 1 was our proving ground, we know now how to do everything and the implementation of everything that comes after is simplistic. While we work on the progress of the main game, we begin our development of the multiplayer function, which will be our focus when we go to beta. This production notes will focus entirely on Level 4, it’s the most recent assets we’ve completed on the art side and continues to hold the standards of what we’re prepared to showcase when Screaming Eagles gets launched.

Let us begin…Level 4 is our jungle map. After destroying the reconnaissance fleet high in the clouds above the Pacific Ocean. Our heroes are tasked with destroying a chemical weapons research division hidden away in the jungles of South-East Asia. So the goal when designing the map was for high vegetation to play a significant role, while still allowing room for small villages and rivers to open the map up.

lv4piece1-min lv4piece2-min lv4piece3-min lv4piece4-min

Environmental destruction is very important in this level, as everything burns. We learned our lesson when creating environmental assets from Level 1. Trees and bushes are created in groups instead of single plants, as well as buildings. It’ll help us to better implement them into the map instead of one at a time.

Lvl4-vegetation_v02-min Lvl4-vegetation_d-min Lvl4-villages Lvl4-villages_d Lvl4-player_d

The enemies you’ll face during level 4 have made their mark on this type of warfare before; they are once again synonymous with wars of our past while merging with some technologies that are fit from our present. You may find yourself facing off against some enemies you’ve tangled with before, they’re not more powerful since the last time they’re just present.

F4_bullet F5_v01 AV8_v01 Mirage2000_v01 MirageF1_v01 AH64_v01 B58_v01 LAV300_v01 SAM_v01

What kind of boss would you face off against in this thick jungle? What could possibly threaten you after wrecking a Super-Bomber, a Giant Nuclear Submarine and Powerful Reconnaissance Wing? Well we gave that a lot of thought and as before we wanted to create a challenge for you that were more than just, here are the weak spots and here are the turrets, destroy me before I destroy you. Our reference is a combat helicopter that saw a brief stint during the Vietnam War, the ACH-47. Most military readers will know what the CH-47 is: The Chinook, or shit-hook if you’re in the know. It’s a cargo helicopter used to transport large pieces of equipment, personnel and vehicles in combat situations as displayed in this lovely photo from my album.

Air assault 033

The ACH-47 is the combat version of this, built up much like the AC-130 Spectre Gunship but mainly tailored for infantry specific missions. Now we thought about the challenge that someone would have to deal with when facing one of these choppers, and it became too easy, so we’ve designed this boss fight to be two Giant Choppers against you instead of one. The design process took longer than the modeling of both bosses. We wanted to have the choppers support each other, regardless of who would be facing the players at any given time. Both of them have offensive capabilities and require destruction of those capabilities before being defeated.

TurretInfoDraftB_True BossA_turrets-min BossB_turrets-min

They both also have super weapons that support each other based on their location in reference to the players.

Boss42DraftC SpecialTurretInfoD

How they get around the players on the screen are a series of flight formations that change over time. To keep the player focused on one chopper at a time; both choppers are equipped with an additional defensive function that makes one chopper invisible while the other keeps the focus turned on him. Through the formations they may both attack and increase the damage output to you, the player.


This boss represents the increased ambition we have when designing our future assets. We can’t wait for people to experience it, even though it’s going to cause us plenty of headaches trying to get the whole thing to work, it’s completely worth it. It may be a while before I can write another production notes for the game as we’ve only just begun working on the art assets for Level 5. But stay tuned for further developments of our game as well as announcements for our fundraising campaign and future videos. Till next time maniacs.

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