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SE Update 9/17/2014

SE Production Notes 4

Level 1 Boss: Super-Bomber

Posted by Jonathan

What was the delay behind this production blog, we moved the company to Nevada for tax concerns so we’re just catching up. We have completed a Version 1.0 of the Alpha and we’ll showcase it once the initial bugs and visual issues are fixed. This week we focus on the first major challenge you’ll face in the game, the Super-Bomber.

So just as a reference for where did we get the idea for the plane, it’s based on a real world cargo jet that has absolutely no offensive nature, it’s the AN-225. The jet carries or at least it use to carry the space shuttle, so it has a unique design over the fuselage that allows the shuttle and the plane to be separate while in transit. The sheer scope and size of the plane is what drew us to use it and other than a boss you’ll face in Level 4 the other end level threats take larger liberties in design and reference.

As a main column of this game is the very large…and in charge bosses, they will be huge, the Super-Bomber is no exception to this standard, however in comparison to later end level bosses, it can be seen as a bit puny, maybe medium sized huge is a better way of describing it. Approaching the boss after facing hundreds of smaller enemies flying straight towards you, you’ll notice that the bomber is actually flying away from you, or away from the battle, which may seem a bit odd, so you’ll have to suspend disbelief, but its a game not reality so that shouldn’t be a stretch.


So like most end level bosses in other games, we’ve designed a 3 stage system for the fight, and just naturally you’ll face those stages in a progression where more of the boss becomes visible as you complete each stage. In order to complete a stage of the boss you must destroy every gun turret in that stage that is affected by your attacks and the section weak points on the plane. As the boss is flying away from you, your first stage of attack is the tail section.

The tail section is pretty easy as far as threats are concerned, there are minimal turrets that rotate and fire in sequences at the player and very few weak spots as you can see in the images below. The turrets themselves though primarily present in the tail will be present in other sections of the plane as well. Please note that the values of the health and attack power may change as they will require balance with the player during testing.


The next section of the boss will actually be used in both the second and the third stages as it will have the largest selection of turrets and weak spots. Though the sections will be visible in the early stage it won’t be able to take any damage until the appropriate stage begins. So other than the vast amounts of turrets firing at you in second stage, you’ll have the joy of taking out some of the engines of the plane itself.
The last stage is, in case you couldn’t guess, the nose of the plane, and even though you’ll have to take out turrets on the wings that are now active in the third stage, you’ll face the largest turret of them all which will give you one hell of a challenge to defeat. After you take out the turret and the nose weak point, the Super Bomber will explode in a glorious display of wanton destruction that I can’t even describe to you.

This is but a taste of the fiery challenge you will face in Screaming Eagles as the boss battles become more and more challenging with every additional level that you take on, and they won’t always be as simple as destroy all turrets and weak spots. We want to create an eclectic experience that may challenge you in different ways. Our next production note blog will be about our goals for multiplayer and some of the functions of our multiplayer that will be featured in the beta and the final game.

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